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the gate

The Crimson Island is given a rip-roaring British premiere at The Gate Theatre where a huge cast (when did you last see 13 characters enter simultaneously in fringe theatre?) act with enjoyment and restrained skill…this is what fringe theatre is all about.”
Dusty Hughes Time Out Magazine

In terms of my own development as a director, adapter and artistic director, it was the fulfilment of a vision and dream which began with my exposure to European culture as a child, and developed as a student at the School of Speech at Northwestern University, in Evanston, Ill.

The combination of my exposure to Russian theatre and its twentieth practitioners in Moscow during the seventies and my company in Chicago which specialised in the adaptation of narrative fiction, meant that my life-long interest in European theatre and politics was waiting for a vessel to contain my vision of a theatre company specialising in these works.

There was an inevitability that this would happen in one way or another. The room above the Prince Albert pub in Notting Hill, created into a theatre called The Gate Theatre, housing The Gate Theatre Company, became that vessel.

Gate Theatre Company 5th Anniversary promotional leaflet [JPG 455kb]

Read extract from his University of London Seminar about the founding of The Gate Theatre. [PDF 15kb]

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