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“Stein’s beautifully acted production …”
Paul Taylor The Independent


AT A GLANCE: 1995  

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“Lou Stein’s wonderfully atmospheric premiere of Sharman MacDonald’s latest work, Borders of Paradise is at the Watford Palace Theatre. Here surfing is seen as the ultimate experience that unlocks our potential and makes dreams come true”.
Maureen Paton Daily Express

“[Borders of Paradise] captures the threshold confusion and exuberance of youth with exemplary honesty. It also reminds us that regional theatre has a vital role to play as a source of new writing.”
Micheal Billington The Guardian

“Sharman MacDonald’s new play, conveyed by Lou Stein in an impressively acted, farewell production, - after his eight consistently adventurous years running Watford’s repertory theatre- is atmospheric…”
Nic de Jongh Evening Standard

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Commissions and directs BORDERS OF PARADISE, by Sharman MacDonald for his last production at Watford. It wins the Writer’s Guild “Best New Regional Play” Award.

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