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Gillian Reynolds’ Choice
The Telegraph

“It lodges permanently in the heart.”
Sue Gaisford The Radio Times


AT A GLANCE: 2001  

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Between the Ears:
My Month With Carmen

Don’t let the tile of this extraordinary and beautiful piece confuse you into thinking it’s a bit of Bizet on the side. The Carmen of the title was the mother of the author, director and producer Lou Stein and this (in the experimental Between the Ears slot) is his account of his last month with her.

She was Puerto Rican and Catholic, his father was New York Jewish and some of the resulting identity confusions led him, as an adult, to live a life apart here in England. Then the doctor rang to tell him to tell to make his peace, she hadn’t long to live. And so, at long last, he came to know her.

Gillian Reynolds The Telegraph

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Writer/Director Lou Stein draws on his recent experience of a month he spent with his mother who is dying of cancer. During his time with her, her colourful life as a young woman arriving in New York from Puerto Rico in the 1940’s, as well as her feisty confrontation with her illness, is revealed in a very personal way.

Read BBC feature on the production.
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