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"Let's really push this and see how far we can look at the lighting, at the staging, and the use of the composer as an actress within her own orchestral piece, in full costume and make-up...the visual explosions took the audiences by surprise and really helped them into the piece."

Lou Stein talking to BBC Radio's Hear and Now presenter Sarah Walker about his production of Deirdre Gribbin's orchestral piece Venus Blazing.



Lou has been widely interviewed on television, radio, and in newspapers. 

His projects have consistently inspired media attention from his international  premieres at the Gate Theatre, to his more recent ground-breaking work in music theatre (The Venus Blazing Tour) and BBC Radio Drama.

Read and listen to some of what the media have said of his work using the links to the right.


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Latchmere opening
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Fear and Loathing
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BBC Magazine
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BBC Radio Interview
Venus Blazing sound clip
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International Arts Manager
Concert presentation
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Interview in the Independent about Lou's production of PERFORMANCES by Brian Friel

When theatre and music collide

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